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$0.00 raised of $100,000.00 goal

Minimum Investment - $50000

Minimum amount is $50000 Maximum amount is $107000


Private Equity Investing Platform Exclusively Highlighting Black and Brown Founders

The Team

Jolon Martin


MustrdSeed allows individual investors the ability to build a private equity portfolio in a diversified manner with minimum entry investment amounts. Through MustrdSeed Black & Brown founders now have greater access to funding and the ability to develop and scale their businesses.

Investment Snapshot

$0.00 (Total dollars invested)
0% of Target
$100000 Target Goal
$100000 Funding Target
$100000 Maximum Target
Security Type : Common Stock
Regulation : Regulation CF
Share Price : $1900
Shares Offered : $1,000,000
Minimum Investment: $50000

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